Boredom Blogging

A blog. I’ve finally started one, though when I say finally I’m unsure as to why – I never had a reason to begin one before, and certainly still lack a good reason. Boredom. Surely it was boredom that produced the great beginnings in this world (if we overlook the more prominent driving factors such as need or desire!), pushing writers to spew their thoughts forth onto crisp white pages, forcing the artist’s hand to slash and cut across the innocent canvas, prompting minds to toil idly at the underlying mysteries of quantum mechanics in all it’s serendipitous  ambiguous beauty… and then I became bored, and the path to greatness took a sour twist. This blog is for me, a place to consume wasted time in a relatively productive fashion; as might be told from my clever titling of this blog, I am an aspiring author (I’m proof reading my rather gargantuan first novel, sure to be a disappointment come time to fling at any eager publisher), and by day I am a primary(elementary) school teacher, and so I wish to write, if only to continue doing so. I am not going to promote this page in any fashion, nor will I ever utter its name to a friend or acquaintance for fear of social ridicule (anxiety tends to dissipate with the anonymity offered by the internet, and I intend to abuse that fact!). This will likely never be read by eyes other than my own, and I rejoice in that fact. This blog will be a vast, empty room in which I can shout my thoughts to the non-existent audience, allowing me to reflect on them in a new light when the echo returns to haunt me. This is the nothing, the wall to be vandalized by my wondering mind. This is tedium. (This is Sparta!). This is Boredom.


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