What Future for Education? Reflection Week 1

Based on your experience as a learner, what do you think you will be able to get out of this course? And what ideas do you already have about the future of education?

As a learner, throughout this course I hope to develop my understanding of learning processes, purposes and the factors influencing learning. As an educator myself, I feel it crucial to develop a more comprehensive understanding of learning in order to maximize learning within my own classroom, as well as to develop my own capabilities as a learner.

The future of education appears murky, as, at present, educational reform and evolution is being largely influenced by two conflicting, diametrically opposed theories or approaches, those being child-led, constructivist approaches and teacher-led, goal oriented approaches. Increasingly, research appears to favour learning approaches which avail and engage children’s existing understanding to construct and develop new learning. However, at the same time, standerdized testing and results-orientated education in which children’s own development of understanding is a secondary element to learning exam based material. These conflicting theories are largely seen as divided between primary/elementary schooling and secondary/high schooling, with the former encouraging child-led learning and the later demanding exam-focused learning in order to succeed thereafter.